Entrepreneurs – Don’t like College?

Think again! Are you asking yourself the right question?

Do students like being in college? If you think the answer is ‘no’, sorry you got it wrong. The answer is a big ‘yes’. Almost every student wants to be in college and almost every alumni misses those lovely days. Then what is it that makes most of the students detest college, its not college but the classes. If you ask students if they like being in classes – most often the answer is a big ‘no’. Now I know I am taking a big risk by writing this blog, especially as a teacher myself. But I have always wondered how the world will be if we allowed students to stay on campus but drop out of classes! If this itself was too much, here is an interesting list of people (many whom you will know through their ventures) who decided to drop out of college itself.


This list I am sure will run into hundreds if not thousands, if we really try to search out the entrepreneur lists. But will it work for those who don’t want to become entrepreneurs? I am sure everyone will benefit by having the courage to live a life that they feel inspires them. But it is not necessary to drop out of college to feel inspired all the time. No, that’s not what I am recommending here. All I am suggesting here is for every one of us to look at the colleges and their systems, the courses offered, the requirements, the faculty and the culture of the university, before taking a decision to register for a course. And if after joining the course if you feel you have made a wrong choice with respect to your goals, why not take a step back and make the bold change. May be the courage will be the lesson you have learnt from the experience. And may be the whole world will benefit from your courageous decision.

These thoughts are not for students to take impulsive calls and use it as a reason to not study. It is to enable you think through your style of learning and find your own way to acquire the knowledge / skill required to live your life fully!

Think about it!


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