Are you sending enough emails?

If you are hearing from people that email marketing is all about spamming – think twice! There seems to be evidence that email marketing returns more invested money than other digital promotion spends. According to this article, one should be sending emails a lot more:

If you read closely, it is not sending mails to random people. It is about carefully curating lists of users and keeping them interested in opening your mails. Now, this is a lot of work since one email is not a solution to all user requirements and interests. But technology seems to be allowing companies to quickly customise mails even in large numbers. If we carefully reason why we are doing our communication, promotions and advertisements, it is highly possible that we can increase our electronic commerce revenues.

Email still seems to be a primary medium of receiving information. Hence if we can truly create email marketing campaigns around how our product can make the customer’s life better, it can win. This requires us to know more about the customer, their tastes, preferences, their buying patterns, etc. Once we know so much about the customer, we need to also use it appropriately. Many times, companies have loads of customer data, but make little use of it! Are you one such company? If you are – change now! There is money hidden there!

It is also important to know that most people check emails on their mobile devices and hence would like the links to open mobile sites. Even if you don’t have a mobile application (App) it is important to have a mobile enabled site for your e-commerce store.

If thoughtfully created, your emails can generate a lot of potential leads to your website and electronic store. It can also, if enabled well, lead to  high margin revenues. Above all these, emails (if found useful) can also help in virality.

Do you need more reasons to start doing email marketing campaigns? Please remember, even now I am not suggesting that you wildly spam everybody’s mail box. But planned, well crafted, targeted emails should be an important part of your marketing arsenal.

Think about it!


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