Books and Me: Daily Rituals

Book Title: Daily Rituals: How Artists WorkDaily-Rituals Book Cover

Author: Mason Curry

I am big fan of writings about artists. How they create their work? Where did their inspiration come from? How did they find their domains? Who did they work under? Who moulded them? How did they get their breaks? How did they remain motivated without rewards? And so on. Anything that gets published on creative people, I generally tend to read. Because though I do a lot of my work in writing on strategy and entrepreneurship, I find there is a lot to learn from artists for business owners.

But this book I picked (rather downloaded) to read because it was intended at understanding the daily routines and rituals of artists. I am a big believer in routines. While I am not a big fan of rituals, I was reading the book to view the kind of routines that artists cultivated and sustained through their lives. As I am working towards building my own routines, I thought this book will give me a few perspectives. To be true to the author, I think it has brought together a whole of information about a whole lot of artists in one book. While the details provided for some authors is longer and more detailed than the others, a reading of the book gives us some general understanding on the importance routines for long term productivity. This is an important lesson for all who think they are running marathons rather than sprints, especially because the examples are from the realm of art.

If artists needed routines to ensure their creativity comes out in full throttle, how can routines not be important for all others. The book is simply a collection of facts about identified artists and their routines and rituals, the author does not make any suggestions or learning. The author is clear that this is not a book of scientific research, but a book of inspiration. It is a good example of good curation. The reader can take away numerous lessons from this collection. The author has also cited references and further reading which will be very helpful, as each one of us (readers) can pick the artist who inspires us and read more about them.

The book is an inspiring read if you are interested in the realm of art in any way. I am sure a few sections of the book will inspire you more than the others, but even if one of them can, I think we should be grateful to the author for the work.

In my case I had more than one which inspired me and I am going to pick a few more referred books about those authors and read further.

Overall a light book which can serve as an inspiration to all who gain inspiration from artists of any kind. Since I work a lot with entrepreneurs, the message from such a book for entrepreneurs is that building routines is critical for unleashing their creativity sustainably while also setting the base for institution building.

Happy Reading and Routine Building!

2 thoughts on “Books and Me: Daily Rituals

  1. Writing a book is a humongous task for it commands multi skills like good writing, using right vocabulary, editing, enriching, review, writing in understanding the readers choice.. So on and so forth.
    Now coming to writing a review to another authors’ creation is a Herculean task. It’s as good as raising others child! You have to be nice but you can’t be nice always esp when the child has to be corrected of mistakes!
    You are being watched 🙂
    You need to be subtle but be strong when you praise or when you pass constructive feedbacks.
    Raj has done a commendable book review to “daily rituals” by Mason Curry
    And am sure he has also inferred the right meaning or rather the right connect be it an artist or entrepreneur “routines” are routines and has to be adhered as a second nature for sustenance and success :))
    Kudos to you Raj..

    1. Thanks Shivambi for your kind words. It is nice that you picked the highlight of the book, the central lesson – “building routines”. It is probably the secret of every successful person, be it an artist or an entrepreneur.

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