Which stage of starting up are you in?

The start-up world is filled with surprises. That is what gets all of us involved in entrepreneurship so excited to be there. We enjoy the unpredictability, the thrill, the chances, the intuitive calls, the guesses, etc that arise from no where. These test our endurance and strengthen our resolve to keep moving (not sure if I should say ahead). Even if it is not moving ahead, the enthusiasm keeps the hopes of success alive, it keeps the entrepreneurial journey interesting and keeps the energy high and kicking.

But the truth is as with any journey, there seem to be stages that all start-ups pass through. While the research world is still trying to figure out which is the best set of stages that start-ups always go through, versions are always useful. Here is one such version which suggests that there are 6 stages in the start-up process: http://www.fastcolabs.com/3024237/12-key-stories-from-every-stage-of-starting-up

While the stages are purely of interest to all entrepreneurial folk in the research and teaching community, the entrepreneurs out there should read this for the potential challenges that could arise in each of those stages. There are about a dozen short write-ups which describe potential challenges and possible solutions to them.

Which stage of start-up are you and how are you handling your key challenges?

Happy Reading!

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