Goals should shape Plans

Isn’t that so obvious? But so many people attempt planning without first fixing a non moving goal. The reason they give themselves is that in today’s fast changing world, they need to be dynamic. This is actually a justification, not reasoning. This misunderstanding is why plans don’t serve their intended purpose and planning takes the blame for non-performance.

Setting goals is a difficult job. This is because we should first be sure about what we want in life. It requires us to let go of conflicting goals, give up some that will become distractions along the way and be convinced that the set goal is what we will be happy reaching. That the set goal is what will inspire us every time we face obstacles. That the set goal will keep us on the path when attractive alternatives present themselves as fresh opportunities during the journey.

While we should not close our eyes to fresh opportunities, keeping them logged till the next review of our plan is the right action. Constantly changing goals simply means, effort does not add up, momentum does not build up, and inspiration does not stay alive for long.

So every time you sit to make plans, be it for the start-up or for a function (example: marketing) be sure you first fix your goals. As an entrepreneur it is important to build this discipline – the discipline of setting goals before making plans.

If one does not do this, all plans will becomes useless too soon, and you (along with you team) will start finding planning a totally purposeless activity. But this is not good for the enterprise / organisation over the long term.

Think about it!


One thought on “Goals should shape Plans

  1. Lovely! ESP where you have said fresh opportunities keeps coming, keeps changing..although it’s a welcoming sign yet the set goal has a bigger purpose and has to be served!

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