3 C’s of Customer Satisfaction

I spend a large portion of my time with entrepreneurial enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Even last saturday I was with about 40 entrepreneurs at Bangalore and the question of how to build trust and how to build a brand kept coming up. Even though many people make suggestions, the truth is that for a young company, division or brand, only one thing can help build trust – being consistent.

So, when I saw this article, I loved it instantaneously! How is it that the truth always seems so simple that we miss it? Read the article here: http://www.mckinsey.com/Insights/Consumer_And_Retail/The_three_Cs_of_customer_satisfaction_Consistency_consistency_consistency

What can start-ups learn from this survey results?

  • Consistency is key to customer satisfaction
  • Consistency can be built only if we know the customer journey with the company / product
  • Consistency in experience at different points in the customer journey can lead to building trust
  • Consistency can be easily incorporated in communication
  • Consistency is about showing up
  • Consistency means making promises and keeping promises

Consistency is an important tool for entrepreneurs to build a brand for their start-ups. Entrepreneurs must make promises and deliver on those promises. If start-ups do this consistently, they are bound to build trust amongst their early customers. As more people experience this trust, they all start associating the product / service with the start-up. This leads to brand creation.

“Consistency” is hence key to a start-up’s growth journey, both for revenue growth as well as for brand creation.

Three C’s of Customer Satisfaction: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

Have you built consistency into your start-up and/or yourself? Start it today! Someone is watching!


2 thoughts on “3 C’s of Customer Satisfaction

    1. Thanks Sir! Happy to hear from you and especially your support to the view. Consistency is key to success, especially in every entrepreneurial activity.

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