Vedanta and Me: Celebrate, to defeat Jealousy

How in the wildest of imaginations does ‘celebration’ help defeat ‘jealousy’? But in many ways this seems to be the only way to defeat it. Read on and think about it!

In today’s world (as it has always been), people feel happy and excited when something that they want happens. We all celebrate our wins, however small. But when someone else shares his or her victory with you, we don’t seem to show the same enthusiasm for celebration. Why? This is even more pronounced when the person who is sharing this happy news is our competitor!

Why is it that we are able to celebrate our wins more enthusiastically, more gregariously, more grandly, than another’s? It is because there is an amount of selfishness present in all our actions. This selfishness keeps gaining weight within us as we see ourselves lose and especially when we see others (especially peers) win. This creates envy, jealousy. Most of us must have experienced this in some form. In fact as the new batch of students pass out this season (from schools, colleges, etc) almost all of them are being trained by the environment on how to feel bad that something nice (actually better) happened to the other. This over time develops into a habit which we are not even aware of! This sense of selfishness, envy, jealousy becomes a burden for ourselves, which we are not aware, that actually stops us from progressing in life. Amongst the many who are affected by this challenge, many seek to do away with this silly feeling, but truly don’t know how? This leads to the envy and jealousy bothering us too much.

How can we do away with jealousy? I came across a thought which may be of interest. Can we attempt to feel, acknowledge, celebrate the wins of others as much as if it were ours? Can we celebrate the wins of our peers just the way we would if we had won? While it may sound extremely difficult to be done consciously, it will help us genuinely help us get over envy and jealousy. This is a tough habit to break, but once broken, it has the potential to make our lives lighter, happier and peaceful. Over time, just like any other habit, this too becomes a habit. You start celebrating everybody’s wins, victories. This makes more people seek you to share their successes and winning moments. This makes you sought after and you will always have victories around you, be it your’s or other’s.

You will over time lose the feeling of wondering why someone else is winning? The feelings of envy and jealousy will die away as you begin celebrating everybody’s successes just as yours!

Think about it! Try it!


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