This is my interest, but?

It is not uncommon to hear from ambitious people (which is almost everyone) that they are interested in something or the other. Everyone seems to have an increasing list of interests. But what is the use of interests? Almost always the interests simply create a list of unfinished desires. They always remain in the “to be done” list. The best excuse people give themselves on why their interests have to wait a little longer is – “but i have responsibilities, dues, debts, etc” to be finished now. They are quite certain that once they get done with what is on their hand now, they will do the stuff that interests them the most. Isn’t it an irony?

“This is my interest” BUT I can’t do anything about it now BECAUSE

Have you heard people saying that? I am sure you must have! Have you said it yourself? I am almost sure you will agree in private. Please try to see why this statement occurs again and again in life, till we give up on our interests. Most old people regret that the time to begin their pet projects simply never came. They were sure that they waited to complete only what was on hand to get started, but somehow the things on hand never seemed to finish!

One of the big reasons why people don’t begin their pet projects is the possibility that they could ‘fail’. Because it is their pet projects, they don’t want it to fail at all. Hence they fool themselves into believing that they are preparing as they wait to get started. They want to be very sure that they are starting with everything set! Do you even think such a day will ever arrive?

If the answer is ‘no’, then get started today. Pick one of your pet projects, and give it 30 minutes a day. Work on it with all your heart. Speak about it with all your heart. Build the product, book or service or art with all your heart. Show it to people with all your heart. Don’t worry if you hear criticism or suggestions to stop. Continue, give voice and shape to your interests. They will be the ones that will bring you happiness and fulfilment!

Think about it!

2 thoughts on “This is my interest, but?

  1. Reading your article felt like… Someone shook me up and said… Dude are thinking or not?

    Sandeep Bhatt

    1. That was the intent! In fact the blog came out of a real world experience of shaking up a young entrepreneur! “Cruel, only to be kind.” (courtesy: Shakespeare). Glad you liked the thoughts.

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