Books and Me: Where the reason to live is books

For a change this time around I am not reviewing a book under the category “Books and Me” on this blog. I came across this interesting article about books in general and book towns in general and was excited that I spent a lot of time re-reading this short article while also browsing through the photographs multiple times. As a lover of books, a bibliophile, a regular book shop visitor and a voracious reader, I could not help but speak about this and share with all of you.

Have you heard of towns that literally are filled only with books, especially second hand books. These are little towns huddled in remote locations around the world where the residents seemingly earn a living selling second hand books. While the trade is seeing a steady downtown, the towns are providing people, especially book lovers, a chance to spend time browsing thousands of books, pick a few and spend time reading them in the quiet neighbourhood. I can’t even imagine what a lovely vacation that would make for book lovers such as myself. The article and the links that it provides for further reading have even made me, a person who does not take breaks, to wonder about taking a vacation to one of these lovely little towns. What a lovely vacation that will be, being in the middle of millions of books, spending time interacting with thousands of book lovers, while also catching up on the reading in an utopian setting! Have a look at the photographs and also imagine these little towns – what could be their reason to live, except books!

Books are said to be man’s best friend. What would people in these towns say about them? Read more here:

Book-towns – where reading is the reason to live or should i say the reason to live itself is books! Think!


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