10 facts about entrepreneurs that might surprise you

Anything and everything about entrepreneurs always surprise us and that’s what makes studying entrepreneurship so exciting. Do you agree?

But here is a short set of slides based on a report from the Kauffman Foundation that finds some glaring anomalies to widely held beliefs: http://www.inc.com/ss/jeff-haden/10-facts-about-entrepreneurs-that-may-surprise-you

While a few are in line with what we may have seen on the field, some are truly fresh. This is based on a survey of over 500 entrepreneurs. While this may be a scientific finding, it definitely lends a helping hand to understand entrepreneurs better.

Some contrarian facts:

  • Age does not matter
  • Education matters
  • Relationship (especially marriage) helps
  • Building wealth is as important (if not more) as passion
  • Working before you start helps

A lot more research is needed in understanding entrepreneurship at large and entrepreneurs in specific. Especially in a country like India where entrepreneurship is touted as an important tool for socio-economic development, more research is essential. This can fuel policy formulation and ecosystem development.

Think about it!


One thought on “10 facts about entrepreneurs that might surprise you

  1. Worth speaking sir! Whether you are in sales & matketing you have to maintain a routine for mere consistency in your performance,and you will achieve consistency if you are healthy.

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