How to reach your start-up’s potential?

Before getting to exploiting your start-up’s potential read the below:

There are many things one needs to do to reach his / her potential. This article suggests six rituals that if done everyday can help one reach it. Are these the right six for you or should you search for others is a personal choice, but the message is: create rituals / routines and follow them.

The only way is to stop for a while, take a short break, rethink about the purpose and why this journey began. Prepare a set of things that you want to achieve that will help you maximise the use of your potential. If you do not do this, you will feel unhappy, exhausted and uninspired after a while. To ensure that you do not meet these challenges very early in your entrepreneurial journey, it is better to find a balanced set of activities to be done everyday. Here is a starting list of 6 things you can do:

I find a lot of young entrepreneurs prefer to spend most of their time alone or with their small team behind closed doors. They rarely exercise, go out and socialise and almost never interact with customers. Why? Because these are not part of the activity list. The only thing that is on the activity list is – handle the latest problem ticket, rest later. This is what many entrepreneurs (seasoned ones) call as ‘fire fighting all the time’

How does one exploit one’s potential if we keep fire fighting all the time?

To get over this challenge and create an improved setting to exploit a start-up’s potential once could start with #2 on that list (from article above), especially if it is done as a group in the morning. What kind of resonance in actions can result from this one act? You will have to experience it to know it.

Now let’s get to the crux of the challenge – how to see your start-up’s potential blossom? While you want to reach your potential, the only way to make your start-up reach its potential is by enabling a lot more of your team members reach theirs as well. If all of this can be aligned towards the start-up goal, you will see your start-up racing ahead in full throttle. Maintaining this alignment amongst the actions across all members of a start-up is inherently the entrepreneur’s key job. For this a simple morning ritual of coming together to list key tasks for the day can help.

Think about it!

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