How Google Ventures helps start-ups?

Google Ventures is the arm of Google which invests seed, venture and growth stage capital in start-ups. They declare that they are open about these investments since they are not intended to be strategic investments for Google. Hence it is open to start-ups from all sectors and at all stages. But what is interesting is that they go beyond giving funds. They provide access to Google resources (engineers, scientists, technology), provide workshops, work closely on design, recruitment, marketing, websites,etc. Their way of working especially on building ideas is pretty unique. This example shows how they redesigned the website for Blue Bottle Coffee:

Their optimised process called ‘design sprint’ is interesting, and the voting method to move to the next level by voting (not democratic) with blue dots helps push for quick prototyping and fast changes.

This helps start-ups bring challenges which are quickly addressed using the same process. There is definitely something to learn about how to solve start-up challenges for all entrepreneurial ventures, even if you are not part of their portfolio.

The above link gives a quick insight into how the process works. Learn from it and use it in your own start-up to move ahead quickly. It’s a competitive world and speed is something useful to develop!

Think about it!


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