Vedantic Wednesday: Life is a Sport

The Vedantic masters keep reiterating this truth. The sanskrit word ‘leela’ seems to be used as a definition of what life is? But somehow every time we get into the world and start engaging in any action, we get attached to it. It becomes a battle, something to be won or lost. Something that when won, creates joy, and when lost, creates disappointment. When children play on the street, there is nothing to win or lose in it, but they take it so seriously, and even fight at times. But the same is done when people play after they grow up too.

Why take life so seriously when we know and see all around us that everything is so temporary?

A question quite easy to ask others, not oneself. But if one dares to ask this to oneself, you are bound to start some inner exploration. This will lead to placing right values on actions and results. All of these will help us make progress in life, but on factors like peace and happiness. But sadly these are not tangible and have very little social currency in the short term. Most people who appreciate all this are close to retirement, where they know they have missed the opportunity to attain it in the current life. They advise others, but to no interest from younger ones. Like one successful man said, when he advised his son to take life cool during his 30s, the son told the dad to remember how he was in his 30s. With respect for his dad, he did assure him that he would take up spirituality and philosophy in his later years (just like his dad), but for now, life was to be aggressive and achievement oriented. Especially in a way that there is some social currency.

If you study Krishna’s life, my master keeps saying that there was no dull moment. This inspires. A man who lived a worldly life without the worries of tomorrow. This made him alert, peaceful, happy, playful and cheerful. With all these characteristics, he was able to live a full life. This also enabled him to be of great help to so many others. There are many other examples in Indian Philosophy to show how to treat life as a sport.

If only we can take up the study of Vedanta and learn this one truth – life will instantaneously turn spiritual and provide everlasting joy, just like a sport!

Think about it!


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