Is lack of ‘collaboration’ killing us?

I recently heard a business school professor ask the question that most of us ask ourselves quite often: why Indians perform so well as individuals but as a nation we are far behind? Why is it that Indians shine outside of India, but fail to do so much when they stay back? He seems to attribute the problem to one word: collaboration.

Here are some points worth pondering on:

To shine in India, we need a better ecosystem. Why is it that Indians in America do so well, it is because the ecosystem allows them, encourages them, celebrates them and enables them to continue it. The same level of people in India, somehow lie low, not known, and many times under performing in relation to their potential. So, if we want our potential to be utilised, our country to see its citizens thrive from within its borders, we need to create a mode conducive environment.

To shine in India, we also need a better mindset. A mindset that has to be inculcated right from younger ages that if we collaborate, we can achieve more. Our mindset teaches us (reiterated by parents, teachers and society at large) that to do well, we have to beat others. This gets ingrained in children by the time they reach high school. Hence sharing drops, and this leads to lone performers. But this does not help in the long run, where big projects require people to work along with others, to make their work successful.

If both these are not done in large quantities:

  • A conducive environment for allowing, encouraging, recognising, and celebrating entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • A collaborative mindset amongst the people (especially the younger ones)

It could result in a total mismanagement of our demographic dividend. An asset that requires some serious chiselling to derive value out of, else it could turn disastrous.

Think about it!


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