Witnessing middle east’s ‘entrepreneurial revolution’

25% of all tech start-ups in the middle-east are by women! Did that startle you? Then welcome to the entrepreneurial revolution happening in the middle-east. While a lot that is known about the middle-east is restricted to oil, mega exhibitions, gold, and at times wars; one thing that is slowly starting to take shape but has not received much attention is the – entrepreneurship activities. Entrepreneurship is not just starting companies, but also creating local employment, looking at innovative ways to solve local problems, and inspiring another local person to take the plunge.

Read a note from the the author of a new book on the subject: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/christopher-schroeder-arab-uprisings-spurred-entrepreneurship/

The interview above gives a hint to the wide variety of activities taking place to make such a revolution establish itself firmly. The many initiatives to promote innovations, the accelerators and programs for entrepreneurs, the increasing interest of strategic investors, and increasing number of VC’s and Angels. If an ecosystem has to develop, a number of parallel initiatives have to be put in place to make it grow well and grow healthy. I am quite excited at the interview about how the middle-east as a geography and some countries within them are attempting to use entrepreneurship as a tool for social development and economic growth. There are hints in the interview to number of lessons for people in policy, large scale ecosystem development to pick from this book. I am quite sure this book (titled “Startup Rising”) will be on my reading list pretty soon. The last time I came across something like this was a book titled “Start-up Nation” – do you remember?

Read, think and try to do something about it in your own context!


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