Startups must not do this on Facebook

I am sure there are many things start-ups can do on FB, but I want to focus on things that start-ups should not do on the popular social medium.  Create communities around the brand / product: It is one of the first blunders that start-ups do! Who becomes your fan by pressing the ‘like’ button? Invariably it starts with friends, classmates, ex-colleagues, etc.,. But it really does not reach people who matter, especially the early adopters and enthusiasts. Why? Because they don’t know you exist and secondly, they are more interested in the cause, rather than you or your start-up. Smart social media activities should involve creating and owning causes – they will lend credibility to the start-up. You will soon be recognised as a player in the space. Why creating communities around products or companies or brands never works? It is because a brand is something that is recognition in hindsight. The earliest adopters of a product or service just join in because of the passion for the cause or the design or the entrepreneur’s passion or the domain – something that is shared between them and the start-up. Over a period of time, the start-up / brand becomes a recognised name and then is the time to move into creating communities around brands. Even at that stage, it is better and more effective to create communities around causes / passions! If large groups of users want to become fans of your product or start-up, all you need to provide is only ‘support’ to run fan-clubs. Most ‘fan clubs’ run on their own and are managed by fans – so allow it to happen that way. Please don’t spend too much time trying to add people to your FB Page somehow – it is better done in a focussed manner by concentrating on the cause / passion that you are trying to tap into. Focus: First belong to some community and then own a niche within it. Think about it!


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