Vedantic Wednesday: If Only!

I could know exactly what I want and what I don’t want

I could know what I should buy and what I shouldn’t

I could know what I should do and shouldn’t

I could know that time was my most important resource

I could know that money was not as important as I deem it to be

I could know that recognition is not as important as taking initiative is

I could put in effort irrespective of results

I could go for my daily exercise without feeling lazy

“If Only” thoughts constantly make us ruminate, search for ideal or better solutions and hence don’t allow us to act. They constantly make us remain indecisive, slow down and many times even stop. The worst is we don’t even recognise that we are experiencing this!

If only we can overcome this inertia that makes us feel we are doing something when we are only ruminating, we would lead very fulfilling lives and have less time to worry or be anxious. A little bit of philosophy can help us become more aware of such mind games and hence not fall prey to them. Vedanta, a school of Indian philosophy is one such that can really help in the process. It constantly reiterates the importance of action and how we should move back into action without getting caught up with these mind games.

Learn, become aware and thrive!


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