Can Governments afford to pay USD2800 to simply have people stay alive?

How is that for a deal? The base pay for all people should be made USD 2800. Read news here: Base (unconditional) Income for all adults: All you have to do is simply live and you will get USD2800. This has been an interesting referendum proposed recently in Switzerland. Why are people asking for such a basic pay? It looks like a challenge not only for people in Switzerland, but all over the world – reducing jobs! Why? I think the problem is automation. With more and more activities being automated and slowly robots taking over most mechanical tasks, too many people have not much to do. At the least, the volume of effort has come down, leading to much needed reduction in labour force. Read this article: Machines will do most of the work:

Increasing competition and economic slowing down has caused many organisations to reduce workforce and invest in technology. Everyone wants cost savings. But is all this sustainable? Only time will tell. But in the near term, will governments be able to bear increasing social security costs? If developed countries have this problem, the bigger problem with developing countries is beyond cash – it is about what to do with the young minds. Can you imagine having millions of energetic youths simply sitting at home spending time playing games, tweeting, and FB’ing friends? Sadly that’s beginning to happen. Where’s the end?

Its time policy makers start thinking! Enabling entrepreneurial living and teaching people the spirit behind this is probably the only hope!

Think about it!


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