Vedantic Wednesday: Handling Preoccupation

Are you preoccupied? If you are one who answered ‘No’, you are truly lucky, for that group is infinitesimally small. But if you are one who feels that he or she is a victim of preoccupation, then read on!

Preoccupation hurts primarily one thing – concentration. Why? At any point in time a person is involved in an activity. When involved in the action, the mind inside us keeps wandering everywhere else other than remaining here. If you are experiencing this, then you are preoccupied. Examples: Thinking about office work while in the shower, planning for a meeting while eating, wondering about a new character for the next novel while spending time with your spouse.

Preoccupation means there is no concentration on the activity on hand. The mind isn’t where the body is. Hence the action becomes mechanical and through this we lose awareness of the action.

Multi-tasking seems to fueling this fire. Here are some examples:

Trying to feed an infant: Speaking on the phone while we are feeding an infant or giving instructions to what food to cook in parallel are all example of a preoccupied mind

Driving and talking on the phone: Speaking on the phone while driving the car is an example of preoccupation. The mind is constantly trying to move between the conversation and the traffic on the road.

Studying something: While a student is trying to learn a subject, he or she is constantly thinking about who will win the world cup or is wondering what he will buy in case he comes first!

I am sure there are enough instances in life where we are at one place and we are thinking so hard about another that we feel we are actually at the other place and in that situation. This illusion makes us distracted and tired. If only we can remain in the action that we are involved in, life will be happier because we will be more fully engaged

Engagement gives a feeling of completeness. Ask a person who has experienced the thrill of completing a job, especially after being fully immersed in the action – the joy is very different from one who does it as an item to be knocked off the task list.

Lack of preoccupation is critical to real joy and satisfaction. Because if the mind can be kept where the body is, there is greatest involvement in the action and the joy out of such an action is immeasurable.

Think about it!


2 thoughts on “Vedantic Wednesday: Handling Preoccupation

    1. I am so glad that you like the posts and find them useful. Hope to keep hearing your views and observations from the field. Thanks.

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