Experience, not age matters in entrepreneurship

Have you ever been asked this question: What is the right age to start a company?

As a teacher and workshop leader on entrepreneurship I keep getting this question asked to me many times. Across India, this one question is asked again and again by aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is my rational to why age truly does not matter when it comes to starting up?

History is proof to the fact that people can turn entrepreneurial at any age. In fact there have been cases of extremely successful entrepreneurs who have started off as early as age 20 (Apple and Microsoft); at age 30 (Twitter and Amazon); Walmart (age 44) and McDonalds (age 53). While we can always do analysis to find which is the age that correlates most with starting up and declare a certain number, the truth is, it should discourage anyone from trying. All of the above examples are only the popular ones, to ensure people trust that age and entrepreneurship are not necessarily closely tied.

Instead there is one thing common behind all of these entrepreneurs who started the above start-ups and many more smaller companies. What is it? “Experience” If we read the biographies or interviews or books about/ on the people or companies mentioned above, it is quite interesting to know that these people constantly kept gaining experience in their areas of interest and business from an early age. They constantly gave more of their attention to the work than theoretical inputs. They spent more time gaining hands on work experience, however small, disconnected and inconsequential. This experience is really the bedrock of what makes one entrepreneurial. An experience can turn one entrepreneurial. But that experience should be sought. In seeking that experience one gives life to passion. Through the experience gained, one gains the happiness and thrill of experimentation. This leads one to become an entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur need not start-up. But every person who is hit by quality experience can turn entrepreneurial.

So the next time you hear yourself asking this question or hear someone ask you this question – you will have one more perspective to provide. One more reason to not avoid entrepreneurship. One more reason not to avoid freedom.

Think about it!


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