Entrepreneurs do not depend on affiliation

It is rather interesting to watch individuals flaunt their affiliations. I have seen people in the field judiciously use their affiliation. MBAs from the IIMs, Engineers from IITs, ex-employee of McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, etc.,. All of us use our affiliations and many seem to depend a lot on it.

BUT, the group I work so closely with – entrepreneurs DO NOT!

Many of the successful ones do not have any affiliation that they can show off and most of them would probably never waste their energy and efforts, building one to show off. Instead entrepreneurs create institutions that are worthy of affiliation. Examples: Google, Infosys, Apple, Tata Group, Bharat Forge, TVS Group, etc.,. Probably this is also something that makes them entrepreneurial.

It is important to think on this as it raises many interesting questions on entrepreneurs and what it means to be entrepreneurial.

Some questions:

  • Can entrepreneurial academics not worry about affiliation and spend their time building impactful research?
  • Can entrepreneurial educationalists not worry about affiliation and build impactful institutions?
  • Can entrepreneurial artists not worry about affiliation and spend their time heart moving art?

I am sure affiliation has its own benefit in today’s world, but it looks like paradigmatic work requires people who do not depend on it.

Worth a thought


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs do not depend on affiliation

  1. @Raj, agree with all the point with some degree of disagreement. Paradoxical situation or phenomenon is what is working or applicable in US might not work in India so some Made In India or Let us Research India type of approach is proposal from my side otherwise sir you are astute academician.

    I believe your word “affiliation” & further elaboration will help students as well as academician like me.

    Expect great posts from you always & happy to be connected with you sir.

    Have a great day sir…….

    Shantanu Chakravarty

    From PGI-Baroda

    1. Questions, disagreements are what make research and inquiry go on. Thanks for raising the query on ‘affiliation’. By affiliation I meant, association with something that people flaunt to derive some benefits. Entrepreneurs may at times leverage their affiliation but in many high growth success stories they do not seem to depend on them. In many of the success stories they do not even seem to have it. It was a thought that occurred to me and may be it can lead to number of potential research questions too.

      This could also be inspiring to students who want to become entrepreneurs, especially from colleges / institutions that still do not have a strong brand. It is all ideas – need to be tested!

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