Welcome 2015 entrepreneurially

Seasons Greetings and New Year Wishes 2015!

It is the eighth year that I am working with entrepreneurs full time and I cannot tell you how exciting life has been. Be it deciphering the term (research), explaining it to someone (teaching / training), working with one who has taken the plunge or trying to re-discover it all with one who has been through it already (consulting) – it was always learning something mutually. Hence if there is one thing that I wish for every one of us, it is this – let us live entrepreneurially. If it means welcoming another calendar year, let us do it entrepreneurially. But what does this mean?

Let us not make the usual resolutions. Let us not make the usual plans. But let us decide instead to think differently. Let us make a decision to change our thinking. Let us decide to change our approach to learning. Let us review our past year and resolve to continue doing things we were doing well. Let us accept things as they appear. Let us embrace change cheerfully. Let us work on what is at hand and create the future. Let us create a life in line with what we are made for. Let us take a step closer to living what we are designed for. Let us resolve to live life without worries and anxieties. Let us resolve to live happily. Let us resolve to drop our inhibitions. Let us resolve to LIVE.

Let this new year take us towards exciting opportunities and enable us learn more through our experiences. Let us embrace success and failure equally as we move ahead to living a full life. There is nothing more successful than going to bed feeling calm and waking up the same way, everyday. Let us resolve that we will ensure this for ourselves this entire year.

This is probably a better resolution because “Life is living and it is best done entrepreneurially”

Happy entrepreneurial living 2015!


6 thoughts on “Welcome 2015 entrepreneurially

  1. Dear Raj, so many thanks for the Entrepreneural posting of year 2015 with new year wishes.

    Late but not least, OOM Swaha and Trupti join me “Wishing you and everyone at home

    – a very happy, healthy year of progress leading to all your wish fulfilments in 2015 !”

    Most affectionately

    Laxmidhar Swain (LDS)


    1. Hi Jobin, please send me a mail on my email ID (profile page). Will share my number and we can speak.
      Thanks. Raj

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