Are we losing jobs through Growth?

If you are not retiring in the next 1-2 years, your job may be automated. You may be redundant in your role. What are you going to do? No, it is not a pessimistic complaint over automation, but a serious look into a fast growing trend. Automation has been slowing eating away number of jobs, but with robotics really taking off, we seem to be entering a period of jobless growth. Surprised?

How repetitive is your job? If it has close to 50% you have to really read this and think about it.

Robotics is changing the way we visualized work. While it was believed till some time ago that robots may not be able to do many of the things that humans are good at, technology improvements is questioning these beliefs. In fact robots are not only cheaper to procure, they are much easier to maintain over the long term. The biggest benefits to organizations: no rest, no vacations, no bonus, no benefits, no attrition. Is this not close to utopian, especially for manufacturing organizations? This would also make the companies more competitive in the marketplace.

So, if you thought all of this is affecting only the production and manufacturing jobs, hold on. Slowly machines are being taught to think too. Once they learn this to a certain degree of flawlessness, the day is not far when we would have entire call centers being replaced by robots. Will the world not look different when we see robots doing most of the daily activities? Won’t tax filing and audits slowing become automated?

What will you do? Now, that question remains unanswered. There are still number of skills that robots may take time to learn. What are they? Are we teaching / learning these skills enough? Are our schools being revamped to deal with this new economic and social order?

Once thing is certain, jobs are going to get automated, more quickly than what we have imagined. So, think how you can develop skills which machines may take longer to pick up. That is probably the only way to keep your role intact.

This makes the role of government and policy makers difficult and challenging. Only the truly long term thinkers can help solve this forming puzzle.

Happy thinking!

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