3 Habits to sharpen the writer in you

I recently came across a short paragraph summarising three succinct pieces of advice for writers by Madeleine L’Engle. I presume it will be useful to writers of any kind / genre. The three pieces of advice is not new but is a strong reinforcement of the advice we normally hear:

1. Keep an honest, unpublished journal which only you (writer) reads

2. Read. Read. Read. No writer became one without reading.

3. Write everyday, however little.

I cannot tell you how important these simple and direct messages are. Though they seem so obvious, anyone who has written anything will acknowledge how easy it is to lose these messages from our mind. I was so happy to have come across this short blurb – http://explore.noodle.com/post/96582787828/i-have-advice-for-people-who-want-to-write-i

If you want to write, remind these rules to yourself often. It will enable you be a good one and more importantly, a happy one!

Think about it!


5 thoughts on “3 Habits to sharpen the writer in you

  1. Wonderful advice, Raj — so very true, especially that if you’re not a reader then how can you hope to become a good writer?

    But here’s the thing that I’m noticing since the advent of self-publishing and other platforms that allow people to share work that once upon a time would have been considered “first drafts,” and not publishable. I’m not sure how many folks really want to be “writers.” They want to be “authors” and published ones at that. But as for writing — not so much!

    Now these two things (writing, authorship) might appear joined at the hip, but I don’t see that as the case in many of today’s interactions. Which speaks to the proliferation of courses and books and events promoting how writing a book is “easy, quick, and can be accomplished in a matter of hours, even a weekend.”

    It’s all about the end goal. Is it about becoming a better writer (and since writing is merely thinking through the fingers – a quote attributed to Isaac Asimov — ergo a better thinker) or is it just about getting a book published? It’s interesting to me how many people I speak with don’t see the distinction. If only we had more, sharper writers we might not be awash with so many badly written, poorly conceived books 🙂

    1. Very thought provoking comment. In fact it has given me fodder to ponder over and write more (which i enjoy). Hope to read more from you! Will share my thoughts on this topic of trying to become authors without interest in writing. Lets keep conversing.

      1. I would like to continue this conversation with you very much, Raj….maybe we craft a blog post together? I’m re-launching my Dr. Liz website (the one focused on my book strategist/consulting co-author business, rather than Leading Thought which is more about thought leadership) on February 19th and it would be wonderful to have a new post to publish on the day itself, or shortly after? Perhaps we can email about this separately to see if a Q&A format might work best for us both….what do you say?

      2. Sounds very good. Look forward to your mail and a sincere attempt to complete the blog post in time for your 19th Feb launch.

        Best wishes for all the success with your re-launched website.

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