Dr APJ Abdul Kalam passes away

We just finished dinner and were walking towards our hostel rooms. One of our friends exclaimed saying “APJ No More?” – all of us in unison said, “If it is a message on whatsapp, please ignore.”

I came to my room and saw three more messages pop up on whatsapp. I immediately opened my laptop to check. I went through a number of articles to make sure what I was reading was true. Sad, but its true! The man who was here on our campus just a few weeks back and enthralled us with his energetic speech and inspired us to work hard, is no more. And what an end? True to his spirit of service, discipline, sacrifice and energy, he died with his boots on. He passed away as he was delivering a lecture at IIM Shillong.

His life and his living was truly his message for us. I think we must all learn from his example. To live life as a service to others till the very end. I think the biggest respect we can pay him will be to take responsibility to live our life purposefully. I share with you his message that he gave to us on 20th June 2015.

4 things to stay motivated and achieve in life:

  1. Have a great aim (not small one)
  2. Gain knowledge
  3. Work really hard
  4. Persevere till you reach

(from my notes that I had made during his talk) – I hope we can do all the above.

Peace and Prayers for his soul to rest in peace.

Thanks Dr Kalam for ensuring that we are perennially inspired.


2 thoughts on “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam passes away

  1. Same as your thought Raj.
    I too was telling my folks here, please ignore the SPAM! Alas!! In a moment, I was gasping the deepest grief.
    Raj..You are gifted to have heard him in your recent past.
    He is an immaculate human being, epitome of ‘knowledge& simplicity’ and the greatest inspiration ever!
    Hats off to you to have shared the “valuables” from his Message.
    And Raj, not sure you noted some similarity between the previous article of yours on “the elusive focus” and Sir.Kalam’s Message.

    Your GRR is as same as his four must haves!
    Great minds think alike and default mechanisms manifest naturally.
    Wah! Wah!! Wah!!! Well said Raj..
    “to live life as a service to others till the very end” that’s my learning and take home.
    Thanks to you in tons and tons!

    1. He inspired people through his simple daily actions. Isn’t it true that little daily actions make greatness possible? I’m glad you liked the message shared by Dr Kalam. Best wishes!

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