It’s Monday, not Sunday! So what?

In recent times I have been infrequent in my posting on the blog. Its not that interesting things are not happening in life, but just that excuses seem to have taken greater control. Hence I decided that I will write from last Sunday (yesterday). But for some reason, I had enough excuses to not pick the computer and type those words. As I was reflecting over this, I told myself “Since you have decided to write every Sunday, let me start next Sunday.” But on closer objective viewing I soon realised that it has been the same excuse which has kept me from writing over the last few weeks / months.

So, I decided to fight over this excuse inside me. I told myself I will start today, even though it is Monday and not Sunday. I can always go back to Sunday from the coming weekend. At least I would have started and hopefully this will bring back the old discipline and routine to writing.

I see this in almost every individual I meet. Even the so called successful ones fight this problem almost every day. They win over their excuses and make things happen. And that seems to make the difference between those who do and the ones don’t. So, my urge to every entrepreneur and/or entrepreneurial individual I meet is – win over your excuses to doing. There will be a hundred forces which stop you along the way, but don’t be stopped. Just thrive. Just push that little bit. That is all it takes to be happy. The fact that you tried.

There is nothing greater than trying. The sports season is at its peak on the campus I stay – so in true sportsman spirit – lets play for playing is the only thing.

Lets not try to be perfect for there is no such thing in the world. Think about it. But more importantly start actioning your thoughts.

Lets start!


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday, not Sunday! So what?

  1. This really resonated with me, Raj – not least because I remembed a conversation I had a number of years ago. This person and I were talking about what we did during the week and how often our “work” creeped into the the weekend, which often seemed shocking to folks who weren’t passionate about they did, as we were. Then my friend nailed it by saying, “What is a weekday or weekend in any case, but a social construction?”

    I’ve found this useful to remember as I spend Saturdays and Sundays doing things like writing my next book, or working on a client project, remembering that as a solopreneur I have the freedom to take any time I want “off,” and frequently do so, Monday through Friday.

    Good to have you back 😉

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