India’s Demographic ____________ (what)?

Indians have a fascination for records. We seem to do anything to become record holders! Let me not say more. But last week there was news that we have created a record which is very difficult to beat – Only 1 in every 6250 can get to be a peon!

23 Lakh young (mostly) Indians applied for 368 ‘peon’ positions in a state government. Representative News Link: (So many newspapers and periodicals have news items on this). Please read.

RECORD: 6250 applicants for every peon position. This includes graduates, post graduates and PhD holders! Embarrassing?

Why is this happening in India? Why is everyone blaming everyone else? Whose job is it to create jobs? I’m surprised we still think the Government can create all the jobs! If we don’t allow our industries to grow, there are never going to be enough jobs ever. I will be surprised if the common man does not understand this.

We keep hearing “Demographic Dividend” – I hope this above record provides a clarion call to everyone in this Nation that if we do not do something about the youth, there is going to be chaos and social instability. We will become a sick society and this so called “Demographic Dividend” will turn into “Demographic Liability”. So if we have to do something about this, at least two things come to my mind:

A) Make it easier for entrepreneurship

We have been doing pretty badly in most world ranking with regards to doing business. Be it the ‘Doing Business’ reports or the ‘World Innovation’ rankings or any ranking. While Indians do very well as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs outside the country, why are they not able to perform within the boundaries of our nation? Lets do something about it.

We need more entrepreneurs. We need more of our youth turning into job creators. Even if they provide employment for 10 people each I think they need to be celebrated, because there will be trickling down of wealth. Lets make it easier to be entrepreneurs in this country.

B) Make education more responsible

While many people are not even getting educated, the ones who do, are not learning much as they pass through the education system. Our Universities and Institutions are slowly becoming ‘degree-holder’ manufacturers. Our universities themselves need entrepreneurship. They need innovation. They need entrepreneurial academics. Lets become them if we can, else move aside and let the ones who can do it, do it.

The time has come to make education responsible. People need to be told that if they cannot display certain basic skills they will not get their degrees. They must be encouraged to experiment. They must be encouraged to become entrepreneurs. Teachers must inspire innovative ideas and initiatives and not kill them as they arise. This is not just the responsibility of the student alone, but the teacher, the administrators, the policy makers, the politicians and the entire ecosystem.

There is need for entrepreneurship in every sphere of Indian society. Be it the Government, the University, the Professions, etc. Lets breed entrepreneurship. As a teacher I encourage every student I meet to try their hands at entrepreneurship. I am happy some of my students have turned entrepreneurs and created jobs.

Think how you can encourage entrepreneurship in your role (parent, teacher, boss, policy maker, administrator, etc). Do whatever it takes!

Only ideas have changed the world. What is your idea? Make it see the light of day. Change the world.

A small wee bit!


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