Books and Me: 9 Things Successful People Do Differently

Book Title: 9 Things Successful People Do Differently

Author(s): Heidi Grant HalvorsonNine Things Successful People Do_Book Cover

Every one wants to be successful. While this little book distills 9 things that one can do to be successful, there are lists of varying lengths suggesting success. I have not come across too many people who have read their way to success. It is like reading writing guides to start writing – it rarely happens. But there are few reasons you may want to read this book:

  • it is short (really short)
  • it is easy to hold in your hand (less than A5 size i believe)
  • you can complete it in a couple of hours (maximum)
  • it is well written and to the point
  • written with authority for the busy professional
  • tips and suggestions for practice

Don’t expect anything that you don’t know in this book. This in my opinion makes the book useful. Of the nine things (listed below) the first is my favourite:

  1. Get specific goals
  2. Seize the moment to act on your goals
  3. Know exactly how far you have left to go
  4. Be a realistic optimist
  5. Focus on getting better rather than being good
  6. Have grit
  7. Build your willpower muscle
  8. Don’t tempt fate
  9. Focus on what you will do and not what you won’t do

I love the first one simply because all the others make no sense if it is not fixed. The problem that I have seen with most people is that nobody wants to fix the first thing. Most people feel that by fixing one thing they are letting go of a lot of things. Misunderstanding!! Think about it.

I am sure you will learn something from this book that can make you more successful than what you are. The reason I say ‘can’ and not ‘will’ is because you need to act on something to make success happen. So if you are ready to get off that chair or bed or whichever you are sitting on and get to doing something, this book can give you suggestions to sharpen it. The one thing that this book does not touch upon is – what is success? It is left to you the reader to decide that first. It makes sense to put the tools to use when you know what you want to achieve, else as they say, you may be simply climbing quickly the wrong wall. Think about it.

Happy Reading!


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