Crowd Funding my way to Jagriti Yatra 2015

Guest Post by: Saurabh Sharma.

This is Saurabh Sharma, a student from Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India (EDI), Gujarat. Previous year, I applied to the Jagriti Yatra but didn’t make through. This year I was selected for the prestigious Jagriti yatra 2015 (JY2015). But for me it was not easy task to get on board for I found some constraints after selections. As we keep hearing from our childhood, there is nothing like a free lunch in this world; I also faced a similar situation after selection in Jagriti Yatra. The total cost of the program was about Rs 59,000 and they gave me 50% scholarship. So I had to pay Rs 27,000 to be on board. I also had to pay a registration amount of Rs 5000. So in total I needed to pay 32000, if I had to be part of the Jagriti Yatra 2015. There were some financial constraints which stopped me from thinking further but it was my dream to go. I told myself; anyhow I will go to the Yatra. But for me the biggest question was where to find the money for the yatra. I had saved Rs 12000 at that time, so I needed Rs 20000 more to get on the board.

As I was thinking on this, one day I met with Raj Shankar Sir, who is doing his Fellowship Program in Management at EDI. Over lunch he advised me to go for crowd funding. I thought about it, but I didn’t have the confidence because I thought dignity is more important when it comes to asking the money to someone. My confidence level was so low, and almost lost my dream to be on board JY2015. Then magic happened.

Ramkrishna Mistri Sir, who is a visiting faculty of Development Studies course in EDI was teaching us the Fund Raising subject. After the session, I met him and shared my problem. He also suggested the option of crowd funding. But this time, he announced in the class and asked for everybody’s participation for crowd funding my JY2015. Some of my friends drafted the letter, which actually captured my financial problem and also my dream. See the poster by the side. fundraising.jpgWe shared this message across EDI and asked for support. It worked. Some of my friends gave me funding and it helped me reach Rs 6000. But further 14000 was needed to be on Board for JY2015. Then I told to Ramkrishna Mistri sir that I have raised only this much but he kept assuring me that it will all work out.

Then, he shared this message on his social media especially his WhatsApp group where Alumni, Faculty and Ex faculty were also there. The first person who supported this initiative was Dr Dinesh Awasthi, ex-Director of EDI. After that alumni, faculty and ex faculty gave their support and I managed to raise the required amount. So I am now going to live my dream, I am going to JY2015.

Meanwhile another incident also took place. Our senior Sanjay Romala was suffering with a similar problem that I faced. So I told this thing also to Ramkrishna Sir and he helped him as well. All the alumni and senior faculty members also helped him.

So crowd funding works. It helped me get on the Jagriti Yatra 2015. It was a very good and challenging experience and I am sure that this journey will change my insight and give me exposure to understand the practical challenges of the community. I hope to also do something for the community in the future.

I now look forward to boarding the train for JY2015. Thanks to all who made it happen.


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