Entrepreneurship is for everyone

Its not only for startups attempting to commercialise an idea. It is not about building the next Google, Facebook or Infosys. It is not just for those who come up with a brilliant invention. It is not only for the smartest amongst us. It is not only for the most privileged amongst us.

It is for everyone. For I believe, entrepreneurship is a way of life. It is about independence. It is about freedom. It is about courage. It is about dreaming. It is about hardwork. It is about taking action. It is about trying things out. It is about taking calculated risks. It is about taking chances without being destroyed. It is about doing something that you care about.

Entrepreneurship is about doing. So if you are willing to go through the roller-coaster ride and laugh your way through the thrills and tensions that the ride offers, you are ready for entrepreneurship. The best part of this journey is – you don’t need your boss’s permission to start; you don’t need your spouse’s permission to try (may be its a good idea though); you don’t need to worry about what others will think about you; you don’t need to worry.

In essence: entrepreneurship is about doing; entrepreneurship is about living; entrepreneurship is about blossoming – and most importantly ‘no worrying’.

So, why are you waiting to live an entrepreneurial life? Begin now. Start today. Because starting up is not about starting a new business; its about starting a new way of living your life. Think and Act. But act, act now. Because entrepreneurship is for everyone.

Happy entrepreneuring!

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