Speaking to a cow

Though strange, the cow seemed to understand what I said! Surprised? Even I was, earlier today.

As I was walking back from my institute to home, I saw a herd of cows cross the road. Quite common in this part of the country. While a few (lazy/ naughty) were trying to catch up with the herd, a calf was caught up in a fenced enclosure busy eating. When she realised that the rest of the herd were already crossing the road, the little one ran towards the fence only to realise that she was enclosed. As I saw her try hard to try various parts of the fence, even I wondered, how she got in, in the first place? I soon saw that the little gap to get into the enclosed lawn was at the exact opposite end of where she was looking to cross. Without any second thought, I spoke to her “Hey, the opening is there” pointing in that direction. She turned once, saw the opening and turned to run through it. Alas she was free and within a few seconds she ran to join the herd.

I felt glad and kept walking. It was after a few minutes that it occurred to me that I had actually spoken to a cow and more importantly, she had understood it. At least thats what it looked like. Wonderful isn’t it? Not sure if all this is ‘maya’, but I truly felt nice at her intelligence.

I don’t want to use my rational mind (human strength) to analyse this situation. Let me just bask in the little joys of life. They are truly what make life worth living!


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