Andy Grove – you will be remembered

On 21st of March 2016 Andy Grove passed away. He was many things to many people at many times. He was a technologist. He was a great manager. He was a great leader. He was an institution builder. He was a visionary. He was a PhD. He was an author. He was a thought leader. He was at the heart of the semiconductor revolution. He was once Time Person of Year. And many more…

Here is a column that captures his life in a page: ‘The man who put Intel Inside’

His book ‘Only the paranoid survive’ is a useful read for most managers. His earlier book ‘High output management’ was something I read, but was more technical than the latter.

I can only say one thing – you will be remembered. For every time a device boots up, it will be powered by a processor – the product and industry which you influenced the most.

Thanks for making our lives better. Thanks for also living your life inspirationally, for it will inspire a few of us to attempt such a life.


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