MHRD Ranking of Indian Educational Institutions

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) recently released the list of top colleges and universities. It is probably the first time a Government has taken the proactive step in ranking our educational institutions. This is long overdue!! After seeing a number of rankings every year and wondering why there is little correlation (similarities) across all of them, here is a more authentic listing.

Official Website:

The National Rankings of Higher Educational Institutions 2016 is officially out. It contains lists of engineering institutions, management institutions, pharmacy institutions, architecture institutions and Universities. If you are one of these, go ahead and check where you stand.

In many ways I believe this is a very positive first step. It is a wake-up call to our educational institutions that are slowly falling off to sleep. While this should stir healthy competition among institutions to rise higher in their respective lists, what is more important is for institutions to improve their absolute scores. How I wish there would be many institutions fighting for the first spot with almost equivalent scores!

I looked up the scores for Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) where I study. We stand #45 in the list of management institutes. While we ( can feel proud to have entered the Top 50, I am sure we know there is still a lot of scope for improvement and scale.

Great Going MHRD! While it may not be sweet to all, I am sure a reality check will do good to all involved. Since the ranking will be conducted (perhaps annually) it should keep the institutions in the Top 50 lists to work hard to stay there too. Others are not going to sit and watch. While all can complain how the calculations are not fair, the system is fairly open and hence people can work to becoming better.

Lets hope this is one of those opportunities for India’s Higher Education System to improve and eventually compete to join the ranks of the Top Institutions and Universities of the World.

With lots of hope….

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