Indian Education – Lots to change

Three news items I read in the past few weeks gave me a feeling of how much Indian Education needs to change if it has to truly live its purpose. Here are the three points:

  1. At the Policy Level: Rajya Sabha roll call: Only 37 out of 245 MPs were present for debate on education. Link:
  2. At the Leadership Level: Under cloud for long, Pondicherry University vice-chancellor Chandra Krishnamurthy resigns. Link:
  3. At the Execution Level: EdTech Startup Purple Squirrel shutdown. Link:

While the above news items are only a sample of what probably appeared in the papers over the last fortnight, I believe it is indicative of how much needs to change. So, I don’t want you to look at it as negative news, but as changes that are needed if we want to see the sector contribute to its potential.

India is a land of intellectual potential. But research and teaching are lagging. How do we resurrect Indian Education to its original glory? Simply by giving it, its due at every level. At the policy level we need our leaders to take education very seriously. They need to spend more time discussing (progressively) how to take education forward. At the Leadership level, we need more honest and academically inclined administrators. In a transparent world, it will be embarrassing for faculty members to hide their poor credentials. Either they must whip themselves up or move aside for better people to take on the mantle. At the execution level, we must be prepared for more experimentation by entrepreneurs and Universities alike. We cannot expect our entrepreneurs to succeed with innovative solutions unless the ecosystem supports experimentation. And we must allow poor ideas to die so that better ones can be birthed and grown.

Overall the three articles are indicative of why Indian Education is plagued and behind. It is also in the same three articles that I see potential for a resurrection.

I hope you see it as much as I do.

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