My First BCERC

I was one of the 25 doctoral scholars chosen from across the world to attend the prestigious Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC). In the field of entrepreneurship it holds a coveted place. This was the 36th edition of the conference. It was the first time that the BCERC was held in the Arctic region and it also happened to be my first. Doubly special, isn’t it?

The doctoral consortium was amazing. I made lovely friends with budding scholars in the field. Our Doctoral Consortium Directors (Johan Wiklund and Elisabeth Ljunggren) had lined up an amazing array of leading scholars to talk and interact with us. This included Dean Shepherd, Saras Sarasvathy, Candida Brush, Per Davidsson, amongst others. We also had number of others who listened to our dissertation projects during the breakout sessions. I had the pleasure of sharing my work with Alex McKelvie and Einar Rasmussen. They game me pointed feedback.

Apart from the doctoral consortium, Johan and Elisabeth ensured we met number of scholars during the conference, attended specific papers and did homework to connect our work to certain streams of existing research. The wrap up session on the last day was an interesting way to conclude the consortium. Overall the learning was immense.

The numerous social / informal events during the conference (one every evening) gave enough time to get to know people. I made new friends from various continents and I am sure we will also do some future work together. The biggest benefit is knowing so many nice people who all have a common interest – entrepreneurship research.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first BCERC and I have to thank all at the Babson College and Nordland University Business School who made it so memorable. I am completely bought into the tribe (if I may call so) and hope to be there at every edition of the conference.

I now look forward to being at the next. I also know that I will have to work hard to make myself eligible to be there (get my paper accepted). I am already on the job!!

I now look forward to being at the BCERC in 2017.


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