Talk at GIC – an entrepreneurial ecosystem

I was invited to speak last Friday at Gujarat Technological University (GTU) Innovation 1_JULY_EVENT_2-2Council. They are popularly known as GIC. It was fantastic knowing everyone there. Right from the time I was connected by their Director, the faculty and students running the centre stayed in touch with me, coordinated with a hitch and ensured that I was put back in the cab safely.

Their hospitality was amazing!

Their energy was amazing!

Their curiosity was amazing!

Their culture was amazing!

It is rare to see such an entrepreneurial culture anywhere in India. So I was curious to know how they managed to create it. While they did tell me about the autonomy, the handling of exceptions, the leadership and many others, according to me it is the faith that Mr Hiranmay put in the students. The entire place is run and managed by students. I have always believed that teachers must empower students and be there only to protect them when things go wrong. I saw one man do it. AND I saw the many students there live up to the expectations. (The poster on top was also created by one student)

Their responsibility impressed and inspired me!

Their maturity and professionalism blew me away!

For those who don’t know – these are kids doing their engineering (mostly in their second year). My salute to them. I came away inspired, energised, and reinvigorated. I hope I have added some steam to their already existing momentum too.

Post the talk I was interacting with a couple of startups housed there. We spent almost an hour and at least a couple left with action items for innovation and improvements. I hope they find their solutions and scale up. The startups posed specific challenges and were willing to listen to suggestions (solutions) from a variety of angles.

Overall it was an evening well spent (i think i must say – invested). I will be ever ready to go there whenever possible for I believe this is a classic case of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the making!

My wishes and prayers are with these kids for them to live their dreams and their capabilities.


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