Entrepreneurs: Skills and Behaviours

There are as many claims on what are the skills and behaviours of entrepreneurs as there are commentators! So when I came across a recent working knowledge output from Harvard Business School, I read through it in detail. It is a detailed scientific method to distilling and finding out what makes these mystical characters who they actually are. Read more on this research here: http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/skills-and-behaviors-that-make-entrepreneurs-successful?cid=spmailing-13055035-WK%20Newsletter%206-8-2016%20(1)-June%2008,%202016

It is interesting that out of the 11 factors identified by the researchers five seem to be significantly higher amongst entrepreneurs. Two of these five caught my attention: building networks and finance & financial management. Predominantly these two are not taught adequately in entrepreneurship programs. I hope when the research is complete and the results are published, more entrepreneurship education programs enable entrepreneurs-to-be with skills around these two critical factors.

Happy Reading, Happy Thinking and Happy Entrepreneuring!

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs: Skills and Behaviours

  1. So True, out of the two factors that you find interesting, I would say that one can learn Finance and FM. However, Networking is an art and I have found that be it Fiction world of Any Rand “Fountainhead” or real people whom I meet in my professional life, networking is the single most reason that differentiate between success bunch and “the others”.

    I am happy to realize that you are good at it and when I see read about you, I always wish you all the best.

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