A Lesson for Teachers

I just completed the first session and broke the class for lunch. We were to re-meet in about an hour. When I went to the canteen, I found this boy walking around with his phone camera on and scanning in all directions. He occasionally was doing something and there was celebration from friends around. Since he was so lost in another world, I asked him if there was a problem. He smiled and asked – ‘Are you not playing Pokemon Go?’

Over the next 10 minutes I had a class (right there in the canteen). One on ‘Augmented Reality’ using Pokemon Go. This was one more occasion why I enjoy being a teacher. I love my students, because they ensure that I am never behind on anything. Only thing I have to continue doing is – never acting like a teacher. If I keep my student like mind open, I can learn so much from my students. This helps me be an even better teacher.

So, as a teacher, if you are not catching Pokemons, at least let your students catch them. Because if you keep telling them what not to do, they will not tell you what they are doing. It is (in my opinion) the teacher’s loss.

If you are a teacher or a ‘teacher wannabe’ – enjoy learning along with students. Don’t treat them as students but as colleagues in the journey of learning. Its the only way you can learn and stay ahead.

Happy Thinking!


2 thoughts on “A Lesson for Teachers

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. It is the support of people like you and my dearest students, which makes me try and experiment boldly.

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