Startup means Shutdown as well

Ola shut down Taxi For Sure –

AskMe shuts itself down –

Shutting down is part of the process of starting up. Whether you shut yourself out or you get shutdown by your acquirer, getting in and out of business is normal in the startup world. If you don’t have the gut to handle it, you must not play in this space.

I sympathise  with the employees who joined in the hope that they will make a living. I think these individuals who are not ready for so much risk must avoid the startup world. Because one thing is sure, closure is going to take place at a larger scale than what we are seeing. The simple logic is that – as we increase the number of startups starting up, the number closing down is going to rise.

People who don’t like this ‘getting in and out of jobs and startups’ must find more stable lands – corporations, governments, family businesses, small and medium enterprises, etc. Sadly even these are not as stable as we view them to be! But they are way more safer than real startups.

It is important that people joining the work force be aware of this and then make decisions.

Sad but True!

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