Quality of Counsel and Decisions

I have seen number of leaders, especially young entrepreneurs, at close quarters. This gives me a ground-zero view to their decisions. In recent times I have also had the fortune of seeing how some senior leaders make decisions.

Based on the above experiences I have noticed that almost everyone (young or old) seek the counsel of those they have access too. Every one of us has a counsel, a set of wise people (they come in all sizes and shapes) who we reach out to when we require inputs And their inputs have a strong influence on our decisions. So we can safely assume that the quality of our decisions have a strong correlation to the quality of our counsel.

But who forms this counsel? We! So it is up to us to attract the wisest people we can on our counsel. But this is where most of us falter – we appoint people who kind of agree with us or people who always tell us what we want to hear or even worse people who please us all the time. If you suffer from this challenge – don’t bother much about decision making; focus more on changing your counsel.

If you have the courage to keep wise people on your counsel and take their inputs honestly; you may lose a battle or two; but never the war of life.

Think about it!


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