Searching for books to read?

I am sure many of us listen to TED Talks very often and struggle to note down the titles that the speakers refer to. Here is an amazing list put together based on various talks and speaker recommendations. I loved the variety in the list – it lives up to the statement: ‘there is something for every one here’.

I picked a few which I liked and then realised that they would be the ones I would have anyways picked. So went back to the list and picked a couple that I normally would have never picked up to read. I think its a way of opening up your mind to new possibilities.

Try it! Happy Searching and Happy Reading too!!


A huge list of TED speaker-recommended books, with all the diversity of titles and topics you might expect — we’ve got you covered for every mood, preference and occasion. When you’re lying in the sun Any book by Isaac Asimov I have stacks of collections of science-fiction short stories. I grab these before getting on…

via 101 books to dive into this summer: a massive reading list —


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