Book #3: Essentials of Entrepreneurship, June 2013

This book has been created with the intention of providing a run through of the essentials of the subject. An organized essentials of entrepreneurship.rpgstudy of entrepreneurship has always been debated, because of the great degree of the ‘doing’ aspect of the subject. It also has emerged from the area of management science. Though the subject is at its infancy, it is also assuming its rightly deserved place as an inter-disciplinary rather multi disciplinary science. Hence the subject undergoes changes, rather rapidly in comparison with other older subjects. The book attempts to provide the reader a sound introduction to the various aspects that comprise the subject of entrepreneurship.

The book is structured to mimic the real journey of entrepreneurship – from opportunity sighting to managing and growing the venture. The book intersperses concepts, frameworks, examples, statistics, references and illustrations to help students understand and connect to the topic that is being studied. The caselets and the profile of entrepreneurs provided towards the end of the book aims to ignite and inspire thoughts around entrepreneurship. Apart from chapter end review questions, there are an ample number of solved question papers and a fully solved paper to help students negotiate the demand of the curriculum. Designed to align to the undergraduate syllabus of many leading universities, this book will serve as a primer for the uninitiated students, taking the subject for the first time.

For more information on the book, please feel free to contact me ( or the publishers Vijay Nicole.

Book #2: Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice, January 2012

This book represents the most  comprehensive work in the area of entrepreneurship education. Combining well Entrepreneurship Theory and Practiceresearched theory, it is anchored on the solid ground of a practitioner’s view.  The book knits within its chapters the various motifs of an entrepreneurship weave- right from opportunity identification to growth strategies. With the special focus on Indian context the author takes the readers through customized best practices from around the world. The author will consider the intent of the work to be met, if it invokes in its readers a serious consideration to Entrepreneurship as an alternate career option. With tools, checklist, caselets, detailed case studies and exercises – the book acts both as a complete text as well as a accurate reference companion.”


“The author provides a guided tour into the mystic islands of entrepreneurship while exploring both well-mapped and ill-lit domains. The readers – be it the knowledge-seekers or the informed or the curious – will find the book comprehensive in its coverage, illuminating through its case examples and insightful offering newer perspectives. Given the paucity of literature on this subject in India, the book is a welcome and timely addition.”  – Dr. L. Prakash Sai
Professor of Strategy, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras

Raj Shankar’s book on Entrepreneurship is extremely practical and provides a hands-on view. He explores the aspects of theories, categories and influences in a very simple and effective manner.  His book can serve as a Bible to any person who is looking for opportunities in the business world. This book certainly belongs to the shelf of every budding entrepreneur and every seasoned businessman.– Dr. Rajani Gupte, Director, Symbiosis Institute of International Business [ SIIB ] and Dean, Faculty of Management, Symbiosis International University

“ An exhaustive book on Entrepreneurship, highly suitable for academicians, entrepreneurs and those wishing to be entrepreneurs.  Covers all aspects of entrepreneurship including concepts of intrapreneurship and innovation. Written in a very lucid style, easy to read and understand. Strongly recommended for all students, faculty and those interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.” – Dr. Suresh Ghai, Director, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

“A definite cause of concern is the fact that management education in the country has primarily geared itself to only produce managers. A definite lacuna is that neither we are attempting nor focusing on the bigger horizon of creating entrepreneurs. The country today definitely needs more Entrepreneurs than managers.  It is in this context that this book makes good reading sense as it dwells on some real contemporary issues associated with Entrepreneurship. The book is a wonderful blend of classical theory and examples replete with experience and learning. While it could serve the purpose of an immaculate academic book to be referred as a part of MBA curriculum, it also has all the ingredients for a successful entrepreneurial venture for aspiring entrepreneurs. I am sure this book shall in its own small way make attempts to help the country create creative, co-operative and charismatic entrepreneurs.” – Dr. Kalim Khan, Director – Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research

“Raj Shankar has the perfect credentials to write on Entrepreneurship – having himself so successfully taken to self-employment through his consulting enterprise. Through the treatise that is aimed at the young and aspiring businessman, he has done well to clear a lot of myths about entrepreneurism, and comprehensively dealt with the subject with clarity and real life examples.  This will surely go a long way in ensuring that the young entrepreneur gets a 360 degree view of business as a satisfying vocation. My best wishes are always with him. ” – P.G. VIJAIRAGHAVAN, Editor, Group Publications, Indira Group of Institutes

I congratulate Raj Shankar for having made a creditable attempt to scan all the challenges of entrepreneurship in the modern context in the Indian/Asian environment. He has covered all the related topics and themes in the Topic. The logical unitization of the subtopics into understandable subthemes and elaborate and indepth analysis of the issues involved is commendable. Often the “hit boxes “and “did you know….” are interesting and give a  reprieve for the reader. The content relates to the various syllabi of the many universities and the book will have its market among students and young entrepreneurs as well.”  – Dr. Sarprasatha Joe, Professor, SRM School of Management

““Romanticizing about enterprise is almost everyone’s pastime. By demystifying the forces that come to play in shaping an enterprise’s early stages, this wonderful book will certainly help those come true. With numerous real life examples, Raj has shaped this practical guide into a mentor. I wish Raj had published this book 20 years back… I wouldn’t have made most of the mistakes that I did during my entrepreneurial journey.” – K Kalyanasundaram, Founder – Kalyanasundaram & Associates

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Book #1: Entrepreneurship: A Life Of Commas, Not Full Stops!

Entrepreneurship: A Life of Commas, not Full Stops
Entrepreneurship: A Life of Commas, not Full Stops

This book critically highlights questions, reflections, experiences and moments that sets one off on a dialogue with oneself. Some of these include:

“If I were to be like him, then who will be like me? ”

“Isn’t the neck of the bottle always at the top? ”

“Should perfection be sought even if only the gods see your work? ”
If you are on an entrepreneurial route or intend to take one, these thinkets could be your perfect companion- making you laugh, think, resonate and argue.

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    1. Thanks Suail for your wishes. We are but instruments in the hand of God. Hence its his creation. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to manifest this work on earth. Thanks for your prayers and wishes. Good Luck to you in all your endeavors too.

  1. Hi Raj Shankar, tried contacting you couple of times but could not get you on the phone. some reason or the other I landed on the topic of Business modeling and planning browsing your book “Theory and Practice” and I felt very useful….because I was to deliver a seminar on the same. well researched, practical and useful!

  2. Dear Sir,
    Many congratulations for all the books! Your books have been a great learning tool for our students.
    However, lately your book “Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice” is not available in the market. Please do something about it.

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