Presenting Evidence – Tips from The ASQ Editor

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I also firmly believe (like many others) that ASQ is the crown jewel among journals in management. It is every scholar’s dream to publish there at least once in their life time. Some scholars are amazing, for they publish more than once in the ASQ.

The journal publishes articles that are forward looking and research executed with the highest rigour and relevance. There is no question that when the editor of this wonderful journal says something about “Presenting Evidence”, there can only be things to learn.

Please find a short presentation from the present editor Prof Henrich Greve which I hope you will find fascinating and full of learning.


Happy Reading, Learning and Thinking!


My 2nd Babson Conference

It was great being there at the 37th Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) hosted at the Michael F Price School of Business, University of Oklahoma, Norman. This was my second Babson (as people there refer to it). While the last time I was a doctoral consortium participant (competitively selected), this time I presented my first paper based on the thesis work.BCERC2017_Raj

I enjoyed my first paper presentation (Corporate Accelerators: A grounded study of its motives, manifestations and measures) at this prestigious conference. It was also my first paper co-authored with my mentor. I met a few of my fellow doctoral consortium participants – Mona, Jerone, Moyra, Beldina, Ida, Wei (hope I’m not missing anyone) and it was heartening to see their achievements and progress. You guys inspire!

I met many stars (Aldrich, Busenitz, Lumpkin, Landstorm, Patzelt, and others) in entrepreneurship research including Prof Robert Baron who won the Lifetime Achievement Award this year. His book ‘Enhancing Entrepreneurial Excellence’ was one of the first academic texts I read as a doctoral student. It was exciting to see his energy and enthusiasm.

I made new friends from across the world. All of them are scholars (some budding) with a keen interest in the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. We spent a lot of time laughing and chatting over trivia between sessions and during the social events.

The BCERC is a cool conference where you get to hear emerging ideas which will probably appear in journals a year or two down the line. It is also highly developmental with people giving each other feedback for improvement. Senior scholars are willing to give time and listen to our ideas and questions without any criticism.

As I told Georgia who is the most important person behind the conference – ‘I’m now a BCERC fan’ and hope to keep coming back to the conference every year (of course to present my research papers) and return ‘recharged and inspired’.

Thanks to the organising team of BCERC and Price School, Oklahoma for making this conference yet another memorable experience.

12th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship – My Experience

I have been attending the Biennial Conferences on Entrepreneurship hosted by The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) starting from the 10th. This time I also had the privilege to be part of EDII hosting the grand event. The Twelfth Biennial was Chaired by Prof. Sasi Misra (Distinguished Psychologist) and hosted by Prof. Sunil Shukla (Director, EDII).

We had over a 100 researchers present and share their ideas at the conference. This time we also had a lot more time for each paper and a whole lot of discussions in and outside the session rooms. It was fun to see scholars debate their findings with peers from both within and outside of India. The proceedings (a two volume collection of 139 papers) was released on the inauguration by the popular and senior academic Prof. Pradip Khandwalla. He kickstarted the event with a memorable talk on why its time to re-look at entrepreneurship in the emerging country setting, especially India.

The Twelfth Biennial was also special as it hosted the Silver Jubilee Celebration of The Journal of Entrepreneurship (JoE) – a biannual academic journal published by Sage Publications. The event was graced by the two past Directors (Profs Awasthi and Patel) of EDII and the founding Editor (Prof. Dwijendra Tripathi). Each of their reminiscences of how the journal birthed and reached its 25th year was both touching and hilarious.

Mine was the first paper in the first technical session. I got done early and had the pleasure of listening to number of other presenters without worry! I had wonderful discussions outside the session rooms with scholars from India and abroad. Our discussions have also resulted in some exchange of contacts and possible future conversations. The hope is that some of these will result in collaborations in the future.

We had two special sessions – one by the GEM India Team on TEA in an Emerging Economy and the other, the Dr Elmar Stuhler Memorial Lecture delivered by Prof Helmut from Germany. His abstract ideas are always a trigger for deeper thinking.

I enjoyed the conference and now energised to do more work on my research. While attending conferences is to present our papers and gain feedback, it is equally to make new friends and catch up with older ones. I did all three! So overall it was three days well spent.

The next Biennial is two years away – and it will be special in its own way. As Dr Shukla mentioned during the Valedictory session, it will be the silver jubilee for the conferences too! Look forward to being there and enjoying the company of scholars in entrepreneurship.

Till then Happy Entrepreneuring!

Books and Me: Trailblazing in Entrepreneurship

Title: Trailblazing in Entrepreneurship – Creating new paths for understanding the field

Authors: Dean A Shepherd and Holger Patzelttrailblazing-book-cover

This is not a review of the book. I am sharing this book for a number of reasons:

  • I got it from one of the co-authors (Prof. Dean Shepherd) who and whose work I admire a lot
  • It is a great resource on where entrepreneurship scholars can look at for the future of entrepreneurship research
  • It is a great resource on literature in entrepreneurship research from two highly respected scholars
  • The authors have been generous to make it freely available so that a lot many scholars who cannot access expensive resources can gain access to good material
  • It is an ‘open access’ book and freely available. Link:
  • More than everything else I feel it is only fair that young scholars must read the right literature in entrepreneurship and identify promising areas of research for themselves

I have already started reading it and I have shared it with a few colleagues who have good words for the book. Hence I am sharing it with the blog’s readers so that all of you will have the opportunity to trailblaze through the wilds of entrepreneurship research.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

My First BCERC

I was one of the 25 doctoral scholars chosen from across the world to attend the prestigious Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC). In the field of entrepreneurship it holds a coveted place. This was the 36th edition of the conference. It was the first time that the BCERC was held in the Arctic region and it also happened to be my first. Doubly special, isn’t it?

The doctoral consortium was amazing. I made lovely friends with budding scholars in the field. Our Doctoral Consortium Directors (Johan Wiklund and Elisabeth Ljunggren) had lined up an amazing array of leading scholars to talk and interact with us. This included Dean Shepherd, Saras Sarasvathy, Candida Brush, Per Davidsson, amongst others. We also had number of others who listened to our dissertation projects during the breakout sessions. I had the pleasure of sharing my work with Alex McKelvie and Einar Rasmussen. They game me pointed feedback.

Apart from the doctoral consortium, Johan and Elisabeth ensured we met number of scholars during the conference, attended specific papers and did homework to connect our work to certain streams of existing research. The wrap up session on the last day was an interesting way to conclude the consortium. Overall the learning was immense.

The numerous social / informal events during the conference (one every evening) gave enough time to get to know people. I made new friends from various continents and I am sure we will also do some future work together. The biggest benefit is knowing so many nice people who all have a common interest – entrepreneurship research.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first BCERC and I have to thank all at the Babson College and Nordland University Business School who made it so memorable. I am completely bought into the tribe (if I may call so) and hope to be there at every edition of the conference.

I now look forward to being at the next. I also know that I will have to work hard to make myself eligible to be there (get my paper accepted). I am already on the job!!

I now look forward to being at the BCERC in 2017.

10 facts about entrepreneurs that might surprise you

Anything and everything about entrepreneurs always surprise us and that’s what makes studying entrepreneurship so exciting. Do you agree?

But here is a short set of slides based on a report from the Kauffman Foundation that finds some glaring anomalies to widely held beliefs:

While a few are in line with what we may have seen on the field, some are truly fresh. This is based on a survey of over 500 entrepreneurs. While this may be a scientific finding, it definitely lends a helping hand to understand entrepreneurs better.

Some contrarian facts:

  • Age does not matter
  • Education matters
  • Relationship (especially marriage) helps
  • Building wealth is as important (if not more) as passion
  • Working before you start helps

A lot more research is needed in understanding entrepreneurship at large and entrepreneurs in specific. Especially in a country like India where entrepreneurship is touted as an important tool for socio-economic development, more research is essential. This can fuel policy formulation and ecosystem development.

Think about it!