Vedantic Wednesday: Higgs Boson-The God Particle

Over the last few days, there has been euphoria over further advancement in basic sciences –  the possible acceptance of the existence of the Higgs Boson Particle. Though the concept of Boson was theoretically proposed almost five decades ago, with advancement of technology, huge investment of money, effort by intelligentsia and divine grace, today we hear about another breakthrough finding in fundamental sciences.  This finding is expected to explain the sub-atomic world better.

However, the more common term ‘God Particle’ associated to this discovery seems to carry other connotation.  The moment we equate the Higgs Boson as the ultimate starting point of creation, we could be led as commoners to understand that science of the world will explain where the world came from.

The discovery of atom was considered a breakthrough finding and as an answer to fundamental questions of creation, discovery of the subatomic particles that followed were then celebrated and now it is the time of the Higgs Boson – for providing both answers and raising even more fundamental questions. And it is these questions that will define our next scientific pursuit!

While man’s elusive search for finding the newest god particle and answers to fundamental questions of creation continues, the history of scientific finding is always pointing that there is more to unravel than known.  In other words as we set new records in finding the truth – we are also being reminded that the truth may be only realised and never actually found!

With all due credit and appreciation to the learned minds that continue to unlock the understanding of the world for our benefit, unlocking the secret may require a different science and search!