Interesting Links This Week: 09-March-2014

If you as an entrepreneur is not feeling stretched at least 20% of your time then you may not be really taking on too much risk! But if you are seeing potential or challenges and still not taking right help to sort out and move on, then you may be going the wrong route with your understanding of entrepreneurship. Think once more before saying no to any external help! Here is an interesting article on ten symptoms that show that you may require some external help, but are not taking it at the right time. Read more here – Link:


What if you happen to gain access to the personal notebooks of one of the most creative minds in the world? What do you think the daily scribbles will contain? What do you think one can learn from it? Here is a look at one such recently published book containing doodles and scribbles of Hans Ulrich Obrist and some reviews of how one can benefit from its reading. Read more here – Link:


While there are still a lot of concerns over how one will protect their privacy in this social media driven web based world, smart companies are using their data analytics abilities to gain insights on trends. Open Data or data which is available in the open seems to be a reservoir of inputs for entrepreneurial minds. Smart entrepreneurs can make tremendous use of these sources and come up with products and services. Read more here – Link: