Interesting Links This Week: 13-April-2014

All entrepreneurs strive to understand their potential markets better. Entrepreneurs do this exercise through ad hoc methods for want of better approaches. But who can help entrepreneurs understand markets better than economists? Economists are the people who understand markets best but much of their work remains inaccessible to entrepreneurs. Here is a book that attempts to make this easier. This review shares a peek into the book and its intention. Read more here – Link:

There is tremendous interest amongst young minds towards working in the developmental sector. But most youngsters are lost in finding their way in this space. What should they do? Where should they search for information? What roles should they try to align towards? What is best suited for them? What’s the scope in each role? Many such questions trouble minds inclined towards this fast growing sector. Here is a chance to gain some clarity. This article speaks about how one can go about knowing and choosing roles in the development sector. Read more here – Link:

Core Competencies – a concept that was popularized by the professors Prahalad and Hamel, is more misunderstood than understood. Entrepreneurs should not misread the paper written by these professors or get misguided by the wrong interpretations of the concept. Here is short take on what the phrase ‘core competence’ really means. Finding it out for your business can lead to new potential markets! Read more here – Link: