Interesting Links This Week: 02-February-2014

10 Charts from 2013 that may change the way you think. Which countries are getting more prosperous (assuming that we understand what it means)? Which areas do CEOs tend to seek coaching / mentoring in? Is it worth eating while negotiating? Is Africa getting more stable and will that encourage more of us to explore the largely unexplored continent? And so many more interesting insights based on data – read more here – Link:


While the whole world is after ‘Big Data’ and its potential benefits on business, what do people who can’t buy or don’t have access to such large repositories of data do? ‘Small Data’ that is available to them is not being really tapped into. As the world is tending towards more data driven decision making, making use of such small pools of data can enhance business. Are we sitting on latent profits in the form of customer information right in our offices? Here is an interesting read on the topic – read more here – Link:


Why are e-cigarettes popular in France? Have Japanese firms successfully entered most Asian economies and what is the impact of this? What is the business implication of the changing eating habits of the Japanese? How is social impact being measured better? How entrepreneurship is taking shape across number of countries? These and many more interesting questions are answered in this report. Read more here – Link: