Interesting Links This Week: 30-March-2014

Entrepreneurs have a great lesson in this short write-up. ‘Vision’ is not ‘Sight’ – and it is an important lesson to internalize. Using two simple but brilliant examples the author makes the point that ‘vision’ is seeing beyond what you can see currently, challenging yourself to reach it and again repeating the process. But even after the first stretch we often settle down for the normal and repeatable – avoid it for your own good. Read more here – Link:

Dilbert may have inspired working executives to start laughing at their own rational ideas and decisions – but the truth is, it has silently influenced the workplace itself. Today a large part of the workforce is self-employed or contractual in nature. They don’t seem to love working at a cubicle or old office setting. Most of them work from home or coffee-shops, or open floor office arrangements. This write presents a short peek into the book “The Rise of the Naked Economy” by Professors Coonerty and Neuner makes it look like a book you need to have on your reading list – especially if you are a new age professional, an entrepreneur trying to hire people or an incumbent company not able to understand why people hate sticking in office the whole day! Read more here – Link:

A retired professor of anthropology identifies and encourages her domestic help to read and write. She does him proud by becoming a bestselling author! When I read this short article on Ms Baby Halder, I was impressed over many things – her perseverance, her mentor and his benevolence, her gratitude and her maturity. Lots to take away from this short story – don’t miss! Read more here – Link: