Books and Me: Living with the Himalayan Masters

Book Name: Living With The Himalayan Masters

Author         : Swami Rama

 Of late, the number of books by people taking the spiritual has increased. From a very pure economic stand point of law of supply and demand it is rational that the number of spiritual masters keep pace with the volume of seekers. Hence number of books related to the lives of these masters and their experiences is an obvious fall out.  And there are many gems hidden in the available set of literature. The uniqueness of this genre is establishing connect with a book is a highly personalized experience of the reader.  And when a book connects – the reading becomes a journey!

As a lover of books and one who enjoys reading art in literary form any book in this genre seem equally enticing for purchase.  One book that I did purchase recently was the “Living with the Himalayan Masters”  by Swami Rama. The book’s title did intrigue me, and I must admit that this was one book of this genre that I completed reading in a fairly short duration of time.  I did not mark a single line in the book to make notes; but I think that this is a book that I may want to reread again later, maybe multiple times.

The book is worthy of one’s time for a number of reasons.  One; if you like stories. Two; if you like deciphering mystery. Three; if you would like to get a glimpse of the majestic Himalayan range. Four; if you like to read travelogue. Five; if you like reading works written in the first person.

But the real message of the book in my view lies hidden beyond the words.  It seems like an honest account of a seeker’s journey. It has all the doubts, emotions, questions and thirst of any inquisitive individual. The beauty of the education is through the journey itself.

Few things that the book makes clear are

  • the approach to learning is unique to the individual
  • most of such journey requires a teacher to steer the path
  • it is not one but a bouquet of experiences that shape the individual
  • the influence of meeting enlightened masters
  • keeping the company of like minded companions
  • allowing every  experience and every person to be viewed as a teacher
  • building and sustaining trust in your guru
  • learning the skill of constant contemplation 
  • maintaining stead-fastedness during the long journey.

The book also discusses a number of subtler aspects of Sanatana Dharma. It also refers to a number of technical aspects with respect to paths of enlightenment and discusses a number of religious systems as well.  Some aspects of India’s cultural and spiritual traditions are also referred in the book.

If not for any of the above, the book can be read simply for knowing the intriguing stories of numerous, unknown sadhus who live in the mystical mountains, the Himalayas!