Thinkers 50

The Thinkers 50 list is published! The verdict is out! Clayton Christensen becomes the most influential thinker in the world. It is not too surprising to see him at that position. Even his one article “How will you measure your life?” ( ) alone makes him worthy of this honor. This article brings the reader back to fundamentals of life. It is wonderful to see so many people influencing the way forward for the society. The interesting thing for us as Indians is to see quite a few people of Indian-origin that list.

Though it may not be a surprise entry – the one that really makes me feel happy this time around is to see a person on that list who is not only of Indian Origin but one who also spends a fair amount of time in India – Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL. I had written a review of his lovely book “Employees First, Customers Second”  ( ) Kudos to Vineet Nayar! And I truly hope this signals the beginning of a trend – Indians working from India figuring on this list.

I have derived immense inspirations from many authors and thinkers on that list. The list serves as a source of encouragement for many aspiring writers and thinkers as well.

Please do have a look at the interesting list of amazing thinkers, video interviews, their profiles and their works – Happy Reading!